I am quite new to Microsoft Azure Notebooks, I am having quite issue installing packages to run my notebooks and in particularly in installing Pandas-datareader

I used a simple requirements.txt file https://notebooks.azure.com/r-bendenoun/projects/investments-notebooks/html/requirements.txt

that I linked to my notebook however when I run it I get ImportError: No module named pandas_datareader

I have the feeling that not every packages in my requirements.txt file are properly installed.

I tried using terminal but I get requirement already satisfied

any idea ??

  • Try changing pandas_datareader to pandas-datareader in your requirements.txt (hyphen, instead of underscore) ...? and also maybe try pip install pandas-datareader -U (upgrade flag) – Chris A Jun 7 at 10:20
  • nop the hyphen does not work and the documentation says that using import pandas_datareader as pdr is the proper way – Ben2pop Jun 7 at 10:23
  • yes underscore for import... but hyphen for installing with the requirements .txt via pip – Chris A Jun 7 at 10:23

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