I am trying to restore an Umbraco site that was developed by someone else.

While trying to restore the project in Visual Studio, I was given access to the project source (even though outdated) as well as the compiled and remaining assets of the live site environment.

I merged the contents, adding to the Umbraco folder of the project the assets from the live environment.

When I try to compile the project in Visual Studio, I get an error regarding a single class, and I am trying to figure out where that came from. There are actually 2 errors in this page, and I am unsure if they are related.

The first one was the lack of a reference to UmbracoModules.Objects

However, this import was not being used (greyed out in the .cshtml file) so I just removed it.

The second error is

Here is a snippet of the offending code (List<RssNews> newsFeed):

using (var reader = new StreamReader(response.GetResponseStream()))
    var feedContents = reader.ReadToEnd();

    XDocument document = XDocument.Parse(feedContents);

    List<RssNews> newsFeed = (from descendant in document.Descendants("item")
                              select new RssNews()
                                  Description = WebUtility.HtmlDecode(descendant.Element("description").Value),
                                  Title = WebUtility.HtmlDecode(descendant.Element("title").Value),
                                  PublicationDate = descendant.Element("pubDate").Value,
                                  Link = descendant.Element("link").Value

Where the hell should I get the reference to that from? I have been searching google but could not find where that class exists.

  • You've written The second error is, but unless I'm missing something you've not mentioned what the error is. – Mike B Jun 7 at 16:07
  • the first error was the reference to UmbracoModules.Objects as specified above. :) UmbracoModules.Objects is not a core Umbraco library or namespace, so my guess is the OP is missing a library or some code. My recommendation is to use something like DotPeek to decompile the DLLS that are in production and compare them to the source code. – Robert Foster Jun 8 at 1:40
  • @RobertFoster thank you for the hint. I am now trying a different approach, but I am stumbling in another issue, will post a new question. – BlunT Jun 13 at 10:30

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