I downloaded wordnet ontology and I want to upload its files (RDF files) to fuseki server.

I created a dataset successfully, but whenever I try to upload wordnet RDF files It gives me an error on some files (those big one's, such as wordnet-glossary.rdf which size is 21.7MB), Here's the error message I get:

Error when uploading a big file to fuseki server

How to solve this problem? Is there a better way to upload big files to fuseki server?


Some files are bigger than this one, but all of them are less than 100MB.

I set my dataset type to Persistent when I created it.

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    It's not the size of the files that is the issue. As the error message says there are too many XML entity expansions. The wordnet RDF/XML is using XML entities to declare the namespaces and they are referenced too many times in the files you are trying to upload for the parser to handle. – chrisis Jun 8 at 7:27

As described here entityExpansionLimit's definition is:

Limit the number of entity expansions.

It's default value is 64000, and to make it unlimited, its value should be 0 or less.

The problem is that the XML parser is encountering more entities than its limit.

Passing -DentityExpansionLimit=0 to the command that runs fuseki server solved the problem, Here's how it looks like:

java -Xmx1200M -jar -DentityExpansionLimit=0 fuseki-server.jar

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