I installed CodeBlocks from terminal with command sudo apt-get install codeblocks on Kubuntu 14.04 and then file manager started lag. I restarted computer and had error "Could not start d-bus. Can you call qdbus?".

I have tried all suggestions in the google. I saw it was a bug. Somebody had solved the problem for example by removing quotes in qdbus="QT_SELECT=qt4 qdbus". I have tried it.I also tried reinstall kde, qt, xorg. But for me nothing had helped.

Any ides what I could try to fix this situation? Could it be this error for installing CodeBlocks?


With a command qtchooser -l and the command sudo apt purge qt4* (this link https://askubuntu.com/questions/602614/how-to-remove-in-correct-way-qt4-development-libraries) I deleted all qt libraries and installed qt4-default and it helped me. Earlier I tried to reinstall qt, but I think it was not a full uninstall and it cause not workink for me.

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